Singapore is known for its high-rise buildings and luxury boutiques, a green paradise close to nature. Not only that, in Singapore, there are many buildings painted in colorful colors, from the Little India region in India to the Muslim region and the central area of ​​the Singapore River.

Since 1819, the first Indian residents have settled in Singapore. Today, Little India is the focal point of the Indian community in Singapore. As one of the unique features of Singapore’s multi-ethnic culture, Little India has something new about the native Indian.

Little India is a collection of car horns, bicycle bells and the lively conversation of local residents. An explosion of sights, smells and sounds can be spotted at the Tekka market. It should be mentioned here that the management of urban managers. They have been very successful in combining the preservation of their identity while creating an attraction for anyone who has set foot there.

The attraction of this area is that many ancient occupations are still encountered along the roads, in the alleys and the rear entrances. Fortune-tellers wearing parrots, jasmine flower vendors, toasted nut vendors on a stroller, and newspaper vendors on the sidewalks are just a few of the many interesting images here.

In Little India, there is also a 24-hour Mustafa mall – something that is hard to find anywhere on Earth. The fun appears on a modest side, but the Mustafa Center is a repository of decorations, household utensils, food, Indian spices, clothing and fabrics, electronics and more. different from the lowest price in Singapore.

In addition, Singapore is a good place for foreigners to earn money quickly and get rich. Unlike other developed countries, where foreign workers are still discriminated against, the Singaporean government is very supportive of foreign workers and supports their preferred jobs. In Singapore, foreigners will enjoy the same benefits and advantages as Singaporean citizens without the obligation to join the military as Singaporeans are required to enlist and will be welcomed despite their talents. or not.