The Mustafa Center is located in Little India, consisting of 2 large buildings of 6 floors connected to each other. And what should be the biggest difference between the Mustafa center and the other centers is that it operates 24/7. For example, suddenly you have to buy … a shower 2 hours from the morning, the first place you should think of when shopping in Singapore is shopping at the Mustafa Center.

Take a tour of the Mustafa center, make sure you are overwhelmed by the diverse array of products, from jewelry, cosmetics to fashion items, appliances, furniture, stationery. , grocery, confectionery, drugs and functional foods …

Shopping experience in Singapore: what to buy at Mustafa Center?

Shopping at the Mustafa Center is like shopping in the covered markets with the aisle full of goods. The mall is not really like a mall, in which there are no brand name stores, it has many small stores selling many products of different brands, high and low end, all in one place. Famous brands are often sold at a lower cost than other shopping centers, there are also a large number of Asian and Indian specialties such as sari – traditional costumes for women. Indian women and food.

One of Mustafa's main attractions is a jewelry store where gold jewelry can be purchased at reasonable prices

You may need to visit the Mustafa Center a few times to fully explore the shopping district as there is so much to see, this is also where you can buy luggage at a cheap price in case you have any need. Add space for all the items you have purchased.

What to eat at Mustafa Center Singapore?

The Mustafa Center is located in Little India, so you can choose where to eat. In addition, there is a large supermarket which occupies the entire second floor with a huge amount of items from around the world. Here you will find rare Indian spices and Haidrum products to take home.

There is only one restaurant in this central area – Mustafa Café, to go to other restaurants in Little India, you just have to go through the pharmacy or the jewelry area on the first floor.


The Mustafa Center always knows how to make shopping more enjoyable, let alone the lively negotiations here. The variety of products is endless with everything you can think of that you can only find on one floor, you will find the best place just by following the crowd.

If you are a fan of the game, Mustafa Center is truly a shopping paradise in Singapore for you.

The mall is open 24 hours a day, so you can drop by anytime when you visit Little India. In addition to retail stores, customers can arrange flights, hotel reservations and currency exchange at the Musfata Center.


The Mustafa Center is located in the heart of Little India. From Farrer Park train station, the shopping district is easily accessible on foot. The Mustafa Center is the main shopping center in Little India, it is easy to find at the corner of Syed Alwi and Serangoon streets. Because the aisle is always full of goods, you can avoid shopping here on weekends as the number of visitors will increase sharply.

Remember to always take care of your personal belongings as pickpockets at Mustafa Center are very popular. There is parking here.

Address: 145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207704
Telephone: +65 6295 5855