The very warm and welcoming atmosphere here at Lime House in Little India Singapore creates a lively atmosphere for a casual dinner with family or friends.

Lime, a term from the Caribbean meaning spending time with friends (a bit like Singaporean slang: lepak), strikes at home at Lime House, where the friendly atmosphere of staff and customers allows customers to relax right on top of their excellent comfort food and some cocktails.

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Lime House

We were kindly invited to try this unique Caribbean restaurant, run by owners with an authentic heritage – who else knows local cuisine better than a local?

We were kindly invited to try this unique Caribbean restaurant, run by owners with an authentic heritage Little India Singapore

Starting with Jerk Carpaccio ($ 17), a beef carpaccio seasoned with marinated onions, chili, jerk seasoning, and micro-green vegetables. The beef was sufficiently thinly sliced, and each slice was at least flavorful, with a citrus zest that brought out the juicy tenderness of the beef.

The sides included Fried Plantains ($ 5), which tastes like a less sweet Goreng Pisang. It reminded me a lot of a drier, but the oily version of the banana (although much larger), tasting a bit more like a potato-banana hybrid than the original fruit.

But hey, if you are a fan of the big brother of the beloved tropical fruit, why not try it. It is a very common snack in the Caribbean islands.

Red Snapper Escovitch ($ 28), sautéed okra, and spinach in coconut cream with marinated vegetables. The coconut cream went pleasantly well with the red snapper, not overpowering but subtly complementary.

The snapper was quite cool, but a little drier. However, when paired with vegetables soaked in spicy citrus, it made a pleasant dish that left me full.

Curry goat cheese ($ 28). Of local origin, it is a classic Caribbean dish with a strong influence from its native roots, the North Indians. With a load of spices, the thick, sturdy coconut base of the curry makes it a hot favorite among the regulars here at Lime House.

I liked the tasty curry, and when paired with their famous macaroni pie ($ 6) as a side dish (like bread topped with macaroni), it literally melted in your mouth. Also, try the Scotch Bonnet Chili Sauce served on the side for an extra punch.

Jerk chicken ($ 28). Grilled to delight the Singaporean palate, Jerk chicken held the spice marinade well and was tender to the bone, but juicy and tasty at the same time. Even if the barbecue sauce on the chicken was nothing out of this world, it was still a warm and comforting dish.

Finally, we had the deconstructed Pina Colada ($ 12). Using a base of coconut cream as a pudding, topped with a citrus sauce and grated pieces of coconut, it tasted good, just like a pina colada cocktail, although it was more creamy, pudding, dessert option.

the food at Lime House Little India was pretty decent and matched the laid back

Overall, the food at Lime House Little India was pretty decent and matched the laid back, the relaxed atmosphere it prepares for an ideal family casual dining spot. Not to mention, they occasionally host carnivals to follow the friendly spirit of the Caribbean. So check out their website for more information on these events.

Oh, the cocktails are pretty good too with a tropical theme. A little pricey, Lime House could be a little expensive for its more exotic fare – you really can’t find any other similar concept in Singapore. However, if you are a fan of fun vibes and a relaxed atmosphere, Lime House will definitely be the place for you.

  • Expected damage: $ 40 – $ 60 / person
  • Lime House: 2 Jiak Chuan Road, Singapore 089260 | Phone: 6222 3130