The nightlife in Little India district is always remarkable and vibrant, mainly for certain age groups. Although the entire area is full of incredible destinations to visit, the presence of several bars ensures that there are many things to do after dark when you visit Singapore. Here we have mentioned the best night clubs in Little India where you can enjoy an evening with your family and friends.

1. Korean Fusion BBQ

If you want to enjoin a midnight barbecue during your food tour in the Little India, consider visiting the Korean fusion barbecue. Although they are mainly popular for Korean barbecue buffets, they also specialize in a diverse range of prepared cuisines such as portions of chicken, pork belly and seafood. This is one of the best places to spend the nightlife in Little India due to other various offers like free movement of soft drinks, Korean soups, sweet tofu soups, soda, diet coke, Korean beer, etc.

Best nightlife destinations in the Little India Singapore - Korean Fusion BBQ

Address: 5 Dunlop St, #02-00, Singapore 209335

2. The Prince of Wales Backpacker Pub

It’s not just a pub; it is mainly a backpacker’s hostel where your expenses will never be wasted. It is highly preferred by tourists due to its peaceful atmosphere, while live music performance is one of the main attractions here. It is also considered one of the cheapest water points, as men and women are offered free vodka, whiskey, gin and rum at a fraction of the price every Thursday. Overall, this is one of the best places in Little India due to its energetic buzz to discover how the nightlife can be fully enjoyed.

Top 3 Best Nightlife Destinations In Little India Singapore - The Prince of Wales Backpacker Pub

Address: 101 Dunlop St, Singapore 209420 

3. Zsofi Tapas Bar

The Zsofi Tapas Bar is popular for offering delicious Spanish dishes. You can find this nightlife destination in a beautifully restored building on Dunlop Street, this bar attracts locals and foreigners alike, with its contemporary look, laid-back vibe, delicious morsels and premium alcohol brands. The Zsofi tapas bar has a strategy to attract customers – buy a drink; get a free tapas.

Zsofi Tapas Bar - Top 3 Best Nightlife Destinations In Little India Singapore

Address: 68 Dunlop St, Singapore 209396