Singapore’s Little India Heritage trails offer a generous overview of the country’s history and culture, inviting travelers to join self-guided tours around the Lion City.

The National Heritage Board of Singapore has established three heritage trails around Little India in Singapore, inviting visitors to explore the past of this vibrant neighborhood. Although many tour operators offer tours in the area, these trails are specially organized for tourists with limited time (and who may need a little help).

The trails are divided into three categories: the Walk of Faiths, Serangoon in the 1900s and Shop Til You Drop!

Everyone receives information on the evolution of the neighborhood over the years, including details on the life of its former tenants.


We recommend that you get the Little India Heritage brochure, which provides fascinating historical images of this neighborhood.

1. The Walk of Faith

The Walk of Faith is the longest construction of the three trails, covering eleven points of interest over 2.6 kilometers. Taking about an hour to complete, it starts at the magnificent Abdul Gafoor Mosque on Dunlop Street and passes in front of True Light Church, Sri Vadapathira Temple, and finally ends at Leong San See Temple on Race Course Road. This place highlights the racial and religious diversity that has always played an important role in Singapore.

2. Serangoon in the 1900s

Serangoon in the 1900s focused on the first settlers in the region. This 1.35 kilometer trail includes eleven points of interest and is expected to take 40 minutes. Departing from the Indian Heritage Center, you will follow a path through some of the most important places for early settlers, including Chinese clan associations and the ancient Tekka market. This trail also highlights some of the beautiful modern street murals from Little India, such as the traditional Little India crafts mural by Psyfool.

3. Shop Til You Drop!

Finally the shortest course, Shop Til You Drop! visits six sites over a distance of one kilometer. The estimated completion time is 30 minutes (but it certainly depends on the number of races you do). Beginning at Little India Arcade where you will see beautiful traditional Indian jewelry, the trail passes through the Jothi store and the flower shop specializing in religious garlands, and ends at the legendary Mustafa Center – where the rumor is that you can buy n no matter what.